Wedding Lessons

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life!

If the fear of dancing is overshadowing your excitement, it’s time for wedding dance lessons at CSP Dance Studios in Albuquerque.

Whether it’s the traditional Waltz or sultry Tango, you’ll feel confident and ready when it’s time to glide across the dance floor at your wedding.

First Dance Consultation

At CSP Dance Studios, we do more than teach couples to look great on the dance floor. We’ll also consult with you on how to enter and exit the dance floor and what to communicate to your wedding DJ so the moment comes together seamlessly. We can also cut music for you and provide unique choreography for your wedding.

First Dance Lessons

First dances mean that the spotlight is on the bride and groom, so you’ll want your skills to shine! Most seeking first wedding dance lessons choose private lessons so the instructor can focus solely on the couple. Our Dance Instructors are skilled at teaching all skill levels, tailoring their lessons to the student rather than the other way around. Most of our brides and grooms perfect their first dance within five to ten lessons. If you feel you waited until the last minute and are afraid it’s too late, contact us right away. Even after one lesson your dancing will appear more polished and you’ll feel more confident dancing at your wedding.

Beyond the First Dance

We also teach wedding parties to dance, as well as mother-son, and father-daughter dances for weddings. Furthermore, we offer group wedding dance lessons so your entire bridal party is ready for the big day.

Couple Dance Lessons

Some tips for your first dance:

Pick music that moves you. This is your big day, so your first dance should be set to whatever music you like! Whether it’s “our song”, a rock ballad or Tango music, you should pick your wedding soundtrack. We can edit your music so it is the appropriate length and reflects your choreography.

Plan ahead of time. The sooner you contact us for wedding dance lessons, the sooner we can assess your skills and come up with a plan. If you’re running out of time, don’t worry too much. Our students begin to improve after just one lesson.

Communicate with your DJ. When you come to CSP Dance Studios for wedding dance lessons, we will also consult with you how to communicate with your DJ so that the first dance goes off without a hitch. You’d be surprised how often the DJ plays the wrong song because of simple miscommunication!

Wear the right shoes. Be sure to wear your wedding shoes to your dance lesson so you’re comfortable when it comes time for the real thing. We sell white, bridal-friendly dance shoes in our store, as well as black dance shoes for the groom.

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