Importance of Professional Dance Lessons

We Believe Dance is for Everyone!

Private Ballroom Dance LessonsOne of the things that sets CSP Dance Studios’ instructors apart from others in Albuquerque is that they are trained as instructors, not just dancers. It’s not uncommon to find someone who learned how to dance and offers lessons to others, however, we believe that finding certified, professional instructors is best for you dance skills and personal experience.

    Certification is important. The dance instructors at CSP Dance Studios are well-versed in the art of teaching. They are certified in the DVIDA syllabus, meaning that someone else believes they are qualified to dance, rather than becoming self-proclaimed instructors. You wouldn’t let an amateur doctor do a physical, so don’t let an amateur teach you to dance!

    Professionalism is key. When you come to our established dance studio, you’ll also be guaranteed that your instructor will be professional throughout your lesson. To ensure a safe, comfortable experience, make sure your instructor is certified like the instructors at CSP Dance Studios.

    Punctuality is a factor. It’s important that an instructor to always be on time and not cancel unexpectedly. At CSP Dance Studios and our instructors are always prompt and ready to teach.

    Passion for teaching. It’s also important that you find a passionate instructor who is dedicated to teaching others. Our instructors have cultivated careers out of teaching dance, and offer classes that are a whole lot of fun on top of being informative. Every student receives individual attention at our private dance classes, so you are sure to improve!

To have the right technique, you need the right instructor. We would never have our group classes or private lessons taught by instructors we wouldn’t want to teach ourselves. See our list of dance styles for the classes we offer and contact us to sign up today!

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, CSP Dance Studios will bring out the best in your dancing. Contact our Albuquerque, NM studio at 505-883-9521 today!