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We Believe Dance is for Everyone!

Ballroom Dance StudioCSP Dance Studios is Albuquerque’s premier ballroom dance studio. When our students walk through our doors, they are usually struck by how well-lit and welcoming our studio is, and immediately find themselves in the mood to dance! Our studio is accredited according to National Dance Council of America guidelines, so you can be confident you are receiving professional instruction from quality teachers.

If you are looking for the best ballroom dance studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, CSP Dance Studios is the right place for you. Why is CSP Dance Studios the best in Albuquerque?

The Location.

We are located in a safe, friendly neighborhood, with a well-lit parking lot with plenty of room for our students to park. Since we are just off the highway, we are easy to find and convenient to get to wherever you live!

The Ballrooms.

Our studio features two ballrooms, both boasting an impressive 3,000 square footage each of space! The main ballroom, pictured here, is where we hold our private lessons, as well as our monthly dance parties. And the group ballroom has lots of space for even the largest of classes!

The Instructors.

It’s important to be taught by a qualified dance instructor. Each of our instructors is certified for the DVIDA Dance Syllabus.

The Classes.

We offer a wide variety of dance styles not found anywhere else in Albuquerque. Our classes are fun and designed to teach dancers at all skill levels, from beginner to competitive dance.

Competitive Dancing

If you are interested in competitive dancing, our certified instructors can take you where you want to go. Our dance studio is one of the best in the Southwest, and we have award-winning dancers in all dance styles at our ballroom dance studio. We have taught and competed with many of our students. Whether you want to compete for fun, or compete to win, you won’t find better instructors anywhere in New Mexico.

Contact CSP Professional Dance Studios!

From our ballroom, swing and salsa dance studio, you’ll find our instructors and facilities to be second to none. Whether you are beginner or advanced, we have the ability to help you meet your personal goals. For questions, or to sign up for a class, contact us today!

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, CSP Dance Studios will bring out the best in your dancing. Contact our Albuquerque, NM studio at 505-883-9521 today!