About Us – CSP Dance Studios

We Believe Dance is for Everyone!

Dance ShoesFounded by Patti Smith in 2009, CSP Dance Studios in Albuquerque opened its doors with the goal of providing quality dance lessons in a fun, comfortable atmosphere.

Patti has been a professional, certified dance teacher since 2000. Dancing isn’t just her passion it’s her career—all of her time and energy is devoted to teaching others to dance well.


Our Vision Statement at CSP Dance Studios

“Enhancing the human experience through movement, connection and communication.”

We believe that dance gives you the strength, confidence and poise to handle any situation. If you think you have two left feet, don’t hesitate to take up ballroom dancing! Our instructors can teach you to love dancing and feel confident in any situation.

Patti understands that everyone is dancing for a different reason and strives to help her students reach their goals, whether they are for a wedding, competition or just a fun night out on the town. Whatever the skill level of the student, she and her team of certified dance instructors thrive on helping others improve.

Our Mission Statement for CSP Dance Studios

    “CSP Dance Studios is a team of educated, dedicated, caring professionals. We strive to always have our students’ best interests at heart. We serve every kind of student (the social dancer and competitive dancer), always keeping in mind the vision of enhancing their human experience.

    Our Quest to increase our knowledge, skill and ability will be ever ongoing for the betterment of ourselves as well as our students.”

CSP Dance Studios brings a level of professionalism unmatched by other ballrooms. We are an accredited dance studio according to National Dance Council of America guidelines, and our instructors are certified for the DVIDA Dance Syllabus.

Our competitive dance instructors have helped take their students to the top of the podium at dance competitions all around the Southwestern United States.

To sign up for a class or learn more about CSP Dance Studios, contact us today!

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, CSP Dance Studios will bring out the best in your dancing. Contact our Albuquerque, NM studio at 505-883-9521 today!